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How to choose your Tango Maestros: A Dancer's Guide

Choosing the right tango maestros to learn from can significantly influence your dancing journey. It's an art akin to selecting the right compass that will guide you through your tango journey. Here are some tips that helped us:

Tango workshops
Tango workshops with Josefina Bermudez and Fabian Peralta at Quiero Verte Tango Festival 2021

1. Dive into YouTube: Search for performances and teaching clips of potential maestros. Pay attention to their dancing style, musical interpretation, and instructional approach. Do these elements resonate with you? This virtual screening can offer a preview of what you can expect from their workshops.

2. Look for their Prodigies: The success and progression of a maestro's students often reflect the quality of their teaching. Find dancers who openly attribute their growth to their maestros. This acknowledgment stands as a testament to the maestros' ability to transmit their knowledge and skills effectively.

3. Evaluate Your Current Needs: Where are you on your tango journey? Are you just beginning, or are you looking to refine certain techniques? Perhaps you're trying to develop your unique style or want to understand musicality better. Your current needs and objectives should play a crucial role in choosing the right maestros.

4. Take a group workshop: If a potential Maestro couple sparked your interest, go and check them out for yourself! Workshops at a festival are a great opportunity to do just that! Following these criteria, we chose our Maestros for the Quiero Verte Tango Festival. They all have a proven track record of successful students, we are inspired and amazed by their dancing and we have first-hand experience studying under them.

For Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas Tango Festival we've invited some of the world's best Maestros, accomplished in their own journeys with generation of Tango prodigies following them: Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez (current Mundial winners Sebastian Bolivar & Cynthia Palacios are their students!) , Yanina Quiñones & Neri Piliu (sub-campeones de Mundial) and Natasha Lewinger and Haris Mihail (Mundial finalists). Participate in the workshops and see for yourself!

Follow us to catch our next blog on the best things about each of our maestro couples for us, which might also help you choose the perfect workshops for yourself (and your partner)!

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