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There is no festival without the right maestros. We invite masters of tango salon who inspire with their dance, maestros of the maestros who raised many generations of tangueros and who share their knowledge generously.

Ariadna & Fernando (6).png

Ariadna Naveira
&Fernando Sanchez

On the dance floor, they exude lively and thrilling energy, full of charm and playfulness. Their musicality and intimacy on the dance floor is simply delightful.

They impress with their fresh approach that seamlessly combines tradition and creativity.


Drawing from many years of teaching experience in Buenos Aires and at festivals around the world, they perfected their workshop.

See them dancing

Yanina & Neri.png

Yanina Quiñones
&Neri Piliu

This dynamic duo, known for their breathtaking performances, unparalleled musicality and complex sequences, will join us to share their knowledge, experience and love of tango.


Yanina and Neri will lead a series of unique workshops that will allow you to take your dance and embrace to new heights!

See them dancing

Roxana & Dante (1).png

Roxana Suarez
& Dante Sanchez

After so many years of enjoying each other’s embrace socially, they’ve reunited to keep developing their uniqie chemistry. These dancers of deep roots and a unique style will light up the dancefloor with their exceptional lightness and flow.

See them in action.

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