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Quiero Verte Workshop combos: Organisers’ picks

Updated: Apr 14

Overwhelmed by the amazing offer of the workshops at Quiero Verte? We are as well!

As we count down to the Quiero Verte Tango Festival, we have crafted a series of workshop combos proposed by us, to help you make a decision based on tango goals. These are in no way a must, but rather a suggestion, which you might find useful. Here's a glimpse into the experiences curated by us for you:

The Art of Embrace Combo

Keen to work on communication in the couple and on making each partner melt in the sensations of your abrazo, here's 4 workshops that will add a pinch of magic to your tango:

  • "Magical Embrace Embrace" (Roxana & Dante): A session for all levels focused on finding the right sensation in your embrace, adaptable to partner, structure, and music.

  •  "The Art of Elastic Embrace" (Yanina & Neri): Learn to use your entire body for a more fluid connection.

  • "Harmony in Partnership: Technique for Couples" (Ariadna & Fernando): Discover the language of impulses and space within the couple's dynamic.

  •  And "Tango 3D: Adding Depth and Dimension into our Dance" (Roxana & Dante): Advanced dancers can enrich their dance with intricate layers.

Tecnica!! The Technical Mastery Combo

Wanna work on those impeccable movements, pointed toes, identify the right muscles to move you, try this combo:

  •  "Masters of Movement: Solo Technique for Dancers" (Ariadna & Fernando): Focus on self-awareness, balance, and the pivotal elements of Tango.

  •  "Harmony in Partnership: Technique for Couple" (Ariadna & Fernando): Further explore the communication and spatial awareness between partners.

  •  "Mastering Dissociation and Association in Tango" (Yanina & Neri): Refine the nuances that make your tango distinctly expressive.

  • "Dance from the Roots" (Roxana & Dante): Discover the fundamental movements of Tango.

Steps to Impress Bundle

Bored with your own dance? Want to expand your vocabulary of steps and sequences, here's a combo for you:

  •    "Cadenas Unleashed: Exploring Chined Movements" (Yanina & Neri): Chain together impressive sequences that captivate you and your dance partner..

  •    "Vintage Vibes: Exploring Classic Combinations" (Roxana & Dante): Access treasure trove of our favorite steps inherited from Tango masters.

  •    "Dynamic Duo: Boleos and Ganchos" (Ariadna & Fernando): Combine these movements into elegant sequences for the dance floor.

  •    "Tango Fantasia: Playing with Reverse Embrace" (Yanina & Neri): Bring creativity and sensitivity to your public performances.

Milonga Madness

Here's a combo to push your milonga skills to another level, impress yourself and your partner with the new moves and interpretation of this super fun dance

  •   "Milonga! Don't Miss This Tanda" (Roxana & Dante): Integrate rhythmically rich combinations into your milonga.

  •   "Vintage Vibe: Exploring Milonga Vieja" (Ariadna & Fernando): Step into the classic 'Milonga Vieja' style.

  •   "The Colors of Milonga" (Yanina & Neri): Add flair and embellishments to your dance, for both leaders and followers.

Vals Combo: The Waltz Rhythms

Struggling to keep up with the musicality and rhythym of Vals? Here's a combo that focuses on this elegant an demanding dance:

  • "The Elegance of Turns: Giros and Contragiros" (Ariadna & Fernando): Harmonize with the waltz’s melody and rhythm through giros and contra-giros.

  • "Cadenas Unleashed: Exploring Chined Movements" (Yanina & Neri): Chain together impressive sequences that captivate you and your dance partner.

  •   "Vals and More Vals" (Ariadna & Fernando): Delve into the varied expressions of Vals in Tango.


If you are coming to the festival as a solo follower, there is a combo for you too! Learning to tango is not limited to couples only, and very often in the absence of a leader willing to study with, we need to find a way on our own. We know, we understand. Here's what we have for you

  • "Empowered Movement: Women’s Solo Technique" (Roxana): Own the dance floor with confident, powerful movements.

  • "Solo Mastery of Dissociation and Association in Tango" (Yanina & Neri): Embrace the power of independence in your dance.

  •   "Dance from the Roots" (Roxana & Dante): Discover the fundamental movements of Tango

  •   "Secrets of a Milonguera: Discussion about the role of a woman in tango" (Yanina Erramouspe): Engage in an intimate conversation about the female role and presence in the Tango space.

Organiser's Favourite: The Traditional Contemporary Fusion

We are fighting in the team for these. These are our favourites and if we won't be busy running around to ensure the festival runs smoothly, that means we are there:

  •   "Tradition from a Contemporary Perspective" (Roxana & Dante): Gain a fresh take on timeless teachings to develop a dance with personality.

  •   "Vintage Vibes: Exploring Classic Combinations" (Roxana & Dante): Learn revered sequences passed down by our mentors.

  •   "Boleos for the Milonga: Pupi Castello’s Legacy" (Yanina & Neri): Explore the grounded, earthy essence of Pupi Castello's boleos.

  •   "Tango Fantasia: Playing with reverse embrace" (Yanina & Neri): Dive into the theatricality and creativity that defines Tango Fantasia.

  •   "Vintage Vibe: Exploring Milonga Vieja" (Ariadna & Fernando): Embrace the old-world charm of Milonga Vieja.

These combos (or bundles) are designed to offer a comprehensive Tango education, whether you're looking to refine your embrace, add stylistic flair, or perfect your technical skills. We have meticulously selected these workshops to ensure that every participant, regardless of level or role, leaves the festival enriched and inspired.

Full list of workshops and the schedule are available here:

We invite you to join us, immerse yourself in these thoughtfully arranged bundles, and redefine your Tango at the Quiero Verte Tango Festival. See you there!

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