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12 - 17 / 09 / 2024

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The idea is very simple. Argentine tango festival integrating salon environments from around the world - we learn from each other, inspire each other, get to know each other and dance together.

Come if you want to enjoy and share your tango with us.


Photo credits: Magdalena Woźniak 


Let's stay in touch!

Dear Tangueros! The Quiero Verte 2024 Festival dates have been announced and we will begin registration 14.04.2024!
If you don't want to miss information about the date of the next edition
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The idea

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We focus primarily on the best artists: Maestros and musicalizers, who inspire us every day with their great talent, knowledge and experience. ​


However, the most important thing is to nurture a milonga environment passionate about skills development, an environment full of openness and acceptance. No selection, no discrimination, no favoritism. ​


Come if you want to enjoy and share your tango with us.

The Team

They make sure that the festival "TO DO" ​​list is buttoned up! Dancers and tango enthusiasts from Krakow,  who decided one day to implement their own visions of dream tango experiences.

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