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What Inspires Us about Quiero Verte 2023 Maestros

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez: Having personally experienced their workshops, we can attest to their profound knowledge of Tango's roots and their innovative approach. Their knack for simplifying complex movements is truly impressive. Did you know that recent Mundial champions, Sebastian Bolivar and Cinthia Palacios, are their students? This exemplifies their stellar teaching credentials. Watching Ariadna and Fernando dance is an enchanting experience, marked by their flawless technique, musicality, and partnership. We adore them on the dancefloor and off it!

Yanina Quinones & Neri Piliu: Yanina and Neri strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity in their teachings. Their focus on connection and musicality empowers students to articulate their feelings on the dance floor authentically. Their electrifying performances are a testament to their mastery and the dynamism they infuse into the dance. Have you seen their Milonga de Buenos Aires? It is mesnerising!

Natasha Lewinger & Haris Mihail: Natasha and Haris's workshops are a breath of fresh air, marked by their emphasis on communication within the dance. We have been inspired by their approach that fosters individuality in each dancer. Their performances are a delightful spectacle, characterized by dinamics, spontaneity and a pure love for Tango.

Choosing the right maestros is a pivotal step in your Tango journey. We encourage you to research, observe, and connect with potential teachers. The best maestros will not only guide you through the steps but will also inspire you to pour your heart into the dance and unlock your true potential.

We can't wait to have them with us in Krakow! Will your join us?

Psssst! There are still a few spots available for workshops! 🥰


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