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Limited by your “role” in tango? Not at Quiero Verte! Role balance in tango events.

Participating in tango events as a single follower is not easy. Limits are imposed at registration, and a partner needs to be found (who is at a good level or known to the organisers) to be accepted as a couple. Women complain that they can't attend an event, and men complain that they are harassed by followers to register somewhere together. I once even registered with my non-tanguero brother and paid double just to be admitted to my first tango marathon! And I still attended solo. 🤣

Back of a lady tanguera

The experience we have with organising Una Vez milonga, tango weekends and the festival is that a natural balance of roles exist in the world of tango, that can be achieved without manipulation. We pride ourselves that our events are no-selection, no-limits, but we do keep score of those who attend. And every time we achieve an almost-perfect balance without any registration limits or couple registrations.

At Quiero Verte, we do this because we believe in natural forces of tango working their magic towards inclusion, diversity, and mutual enjoyment of the passion we share and love so much.

With the milonga set up we aim to create an atmosphere welcoming to share moments together: not only dancing, but also chatting, laughing, enjoying the passion for tango that connects us. We believe that the essence of tango is connection and communication, and that is what we prioritise at Quiero Verte. We aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome to dance and connect with others regardless of their role or experience level. That's why we encourage everyone to join us, no matter the “role” in tango, gender, age, level, etc.

Marta Kubicz,

The Organizer of Quiero Verte Tango Festival

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