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Delivering on Quality Promises

Three weeks have passed since the festival, and while the adrenaline may have subsided and our energy is waning, the memories and experiences remain vivid. We've been meticulously going through the feedback you graciously shared (Thank you!!), and our hearts are brimming with pride and joy - truly!

We made a promise: a high-quality event, world-class Maestros, and exceptional traditional Tango DJs. And, based on your feedback, we not only delivered on that promise but went above and beyond!

The key themes that emerged from your feedback about Quiero Verte are as follows:

🌆 Atmosphere: Friendly, social, and incredibly relaxing.

🕺 Maestros: Exceptional workshops, awe-inspiring performances, and approachable, friendly Maestros.

🎶 Musicalizadores: Yes, they were fantastic, once again!

📋 Organisation: Our dedicated team, milonga setup, and venue arrangements received glowing reviews.

🎤 Bonus: The live singing of Diego Hernan ❤, the high level of dancing, and the unforgettable afterparty left a lasting impression!

Your feedback warms our hearts and fuels our motivation to make the next year even better! A big thank you to everyone who brought positive vibes and contributed to the incredible atmosphere - it's thanks to all of you that this event was such a success!

Below, you'll find a compilation of your responses to the question: "Which parts of the event did you like most? What was the best thing about the event?" We've taken the liberty of translating Polish feedback and ironing out a few typos 😜.

Thank you all for making Quiero Verte a truly remarkable experience. Let's keep the Quiero Verte spirit alive, and we can't wait to see you again next year! 💃🕺🌆

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