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The places where the milongas take place are of great value to us. When deciding on the choice of rooms, we tried to take care of everything: good parquet, beautiful arrangement, sound system.

Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne "Sokół"

Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 27, Kraków

From Friday until Sunday we are hosted by the magnificent "Falcon".

All workshops are taking place here as well, on the 1st floor.

Photo credits: Magdalena Woźniak 

Photo credits: Magdalena Woźniak 


Photo credits: Agnieszka Tekiela

Sokół rzut .jpg

Klub Poczta Główna
Thursday "Before-Milonga and Sunday "Afterparty"

Westerplatte 20, Kraków

*Entrance is next to a fire station 

Jazz Like That
Monday milonga Afterparty

Rynek Główny 34, Kraków

1st floor

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