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Unveiling the Rich History of Our Festival Venue: "Sokół"

Did you know that the heart of Quiero Verte Festival, the iconic "Sokół" venue, holds a captivating history that dates back to the 19th century? Discover the intriguing story behind this historical gem that adds a unique charm to our event.

🧘‍♂️ A Legacy of Physical Fitness and Patriotism:

"Sokół" serves as the headquarters of the Polish Gymnastic Society "Falcon," an organization with a mission to promote physical fitness, national identity, and patriotism through gymnastics and physical education. It's part of a larger network of "Falcons" across the nation.

🏢 A Timeless Monument:

In 1889, this monumental building was completed, adorned by the brushstrokes of the renowned Antoni Tuch. The ceiling bears the powerful motto of the Falcons: courage, strength, endurance, balance, bravery, valor, discipline, falcon's flight. These values resonate through the ages.

⚽ A Stint with Football Glory:

Interestingly, after the war, the venue briefly housed one of Krakow's most celebrated football clubs, Cracovia. However, its destiny was intertwined with its true purpose, and it was rightfully returned to the gymnastic society. Today, the legacy continues with the provision of artistic gymnastic classes for both youth and adults.

🏋️‍♀️ A Venue Designed for Excellence:

For us, this history translates into a venue equipped with a wooden floor, spacious changing areas, optimal lighting, and dedicated workshop rooms. And the best part? Sokół's central location! Just a 5-minute stroll from the bustling Market Square, it's surrounded by an array of bars, cafes, restaurants, and accommodation options. Plus, excellent transportation links with trams and buses make it easily accessible for all.

Join us at "Sokół," where the echoes of the past infuse our tango festival with an unparalleled sense of character. It's more than a venue; it's a historical canvas that invites you to dance your way through time.

🏛️ Get ready to uncover the awesome backstory of the Quiero Verte Festival's hub – the iconic "Sokół" venue! 🏛️ From 19th-century fitness vibes to football glory, this place has seen it all. Check out the fascinating deets: blog link

💫 Fast-forward to today, and this historic gem is where the magic happens – wooden floors, chill zones, and great lighting. And guess what? "Sokół" is only 5 mins away from the buzzing Market Square, surrounded by bars, cafes, restaurants, and accommodation options..

🎉 Join us at "Sokół" for a tango festival that's all about grooving through history… It's more than a venue; it's your time machine on the dance floor. 🚀

Ready to dive in? Book your spot here: 😉

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